Planning to List this Spring? Time to Prepare!

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Planning to List this Spring? Time to Prepare!
Planning to List this Spring? Time to Prepare!
Is this house sellable or not?

The sun is shining, the grass is green, and we are in the selling season here in the Lowcountry!

If you’re still planning to sell your home this spring, it’s not too late to prepare. Here is a list of tips that will save you time and money, both before you list and after.

Start by walking through your home in buyers’ shoes, starting at the street (take note of landscaping and curb appeal) and entering through the front door, noting anything that needs to be fixed, updated or replaced.

To be even more thorough, consider having a pre-sale inspection of your home performed, using the inspector’s findings to guide your repairs. The more you know and address before listing, the less you have to worry about when it comes time to sell your property.

Use these quick tips to help you get ready to sell:

Landscaping, Privacy, Curb Appeal
Look around your property, pulling up to the home in your car if you like, and step out as though you were touring this home yourself.  How is the curb appeal?  Is your yard nicely manicured, or could it use some sprucing-up?  Now is the time to go the extra mile and ensure a great first impression.

Entryway, Walking Through Home: Paint, Trim, Floors, Fixtures 
As you enter the home, look around. If you’ve been a little over-zealous while vacuuming, it might show in your baseboards.  A lot of small, aesthetic fixes (spackling and painting nail holes or replacing light bulbs) are perfect DIY candidates, which can save you some money, but don’t skimp on the important things like electrical/plumbing work and other functional or safety items (and others not listed here).  It pays to have a licensed professional handle these things, not only for safety and code standards, but to show your buyers that they’ve been done, and done correctly.

Don’t be afraid to make a few changes or upgrades along the way, but keep your buyer in mind.  Think neutral, current, and flexible.  Do some research and speak with industry professionals to determine the upgrades that are expected in your area and price range, and work as many of them.

Remember… distractions are distracting.  In this case, they are distracting your buyers’ eyes from the features of the home they are buying, to the myriad decorations and knick-knacks which adorn it.  You want them to remember the built-in shelving, not its resident porcelain clown collection (as wonderful a collection as it may be!).  Now, decor is not a bad thing, and a few well-placed items can work wonders.  When in doubt, hire a decorator or stager to give you some ideas and help make your home buyer-ready.

Don’t Cut Corners
Now is the time to spend a little bit extra to make sure your home looks its best.  This translates into the best possible first impression, and ultimately, a quick and well-priced sale.

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Planning to List this Spring? Time to Prepare!
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Planning to List this Spring? Time to Prepare!
It's a good time to sell your home in the Lowcountry! But the first question you should ask yourself is, is my property ready to be on the list or not? Get some tips from our lovely local realtor, Daniella.
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